07 Feb

The Heritage of The Humble Ear Plug

So just who invented the earplug and what did they use it for? Effectively no-a person so considerably continues to be able to dig up an ancient earplug, however the earliest reference to earplugs was built in Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey composed in across the finish of your 8th century BC. By this reference we know they ended up being used then but what had been they utilised for?

In Homer’s Odyssey earplugs had been used to drown out the bewitching song in the Sirens (lovely creatures whose haunting song would lure sailors in the ocean and also to their deaths).

Early Materials for Earplugs

Odysseus’s crew might have applied wax earplugs to shut out the song in the Sirens. On the other hand, it truly is believed that other products ended up being also utilised including clay, cotton, wood, ivory as well as silver – almost nothing but the most effective to insert into your ear holes of the noble lessons!

Fashionable silicone earplugs ended up invented by Ray and Cecilia Benner who marketed their new silicone earplugs at swimmers as the silicone was a waterproof material. This was to help you stop what was referred to as ‘swimmer’s ear’, which can be a particularly painful ear infection referred to by medics as Otitis Externa.

Utilizes for Earplugs

We usually do not suppose that a lot of earplugs ended up offered to sailors to shut out the song from the Sirens, but they ended up being applied just as they can be employed nowadays, to shut out noise and also to protect ears from h2o and mud.

Today these are utilized in just the same way for many with the very same good reasons. Only nowadays’s fashionable noise nuisances, involve aircraft noise, loud audio, industrial machinery, loud snoring and visitors noise and so forth.

Many people find that earplugs are valuable for blocking out their partner’s snoring, permitting them to reveal the exact same mattress with their associate for understandably a long time! Musicians use them to protect their ears from tinnitus, as do concert goers and both equally workmen and swimmers use them to block out dust and mineral water.

Moulded Earplugs

Typical use of earplugs on the other hand can boost the risk of ear infections, in particular if earplugs are shared or are ill-fitting. Customized and moulded earplugs can assist to prevent this by currently being moulded to your actual shape within your ear.

ZenPlugs also comprise an antibacterial compound which additional protects your ears. Though moulded earplugs don’t come in silver or ivory, they do occur in a variety of funky colours to go well with your temper.